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We can help you to

  • PUBLISH, DISTRIBUTE & MARKET your e-book for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, etc.
  • Set up a book WEBSITE & DIRECT SALES
    Digitize an out-of-print or older printed book

Publish Book


Setup Retail Sales


Create Book Trailer Video

Ebook Distribution

Setup Distribution

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Design Website

These are the many tasks of self-publishing that you can do yourself, or we can help you to complete them. 

We can collaborate with you on all or some of the various tasks to make your sef-published book beautiful and widely available.

  1. Determine  exactly what you want to do and WHICH TOOLS we will employ.
  2. Digitize the TEXT, if you only have older printed text or book.  You can now edit the text, if you like.
  3. Prepare the TEXT for e-publishing, get ISBTN.
  4. Prepare PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATIONS: Digitize, scan, edit, optimize and retouch.
  5. Prepare any integrated AUDIO and VIDEO: Edit, restore audio & video quality.
  6. Set up RETAIL DISTRIBUTION accounts at e-book retailers worldwide including Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Copia, Gardners (Great Britan), Baker & Taylor, eBookPie, eCentral (Southeast Asia), Scribd, Flipcart (India), Oyster, Ciando (Germany), Ebsco, and eBook Direct.
  7. Set up DIRECT RETAIL SALES on your website: Immediate cash sales. 
  8. Take your author portrait and other PHOTOS.
  9. Design the book COVER: We can collaborate with you to create this very important feature. 
  10. Design a striking WEBSITE: This is your book hub.
  11. SEARCH ENGINE optimization: This is how your book will be discovered by the multitudes.
  12. Get people to read an advance copy and write RECOMMENDATIONS for the book website.  
  13. Open a Paypal account and set up ONLINE ACCOUNTING for all involved parties to view.
  14. Create a Facebook page, Google+ and Amazon Artist PROFILES: Connect and promote.
  15. Write, shoot and edit a ‘BOOK TRAILER’, a promotional video: YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine and videos are highly effective sales tools.
  16. Create a YouTube account, UPLOAD video(s), search engine optimize.
  17. PROMOTE: Suggest ideas for your press presentations, for social media & blogs and more. ​​
Please contact us: Our fees are very reasonable.

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