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Ulla-Maija Kivimäki                                                       
Bedford, NY, USA 


Ulla-Maija is a creative tech pro who consults, coaches and designs professional websites, produces email marketing campaigns, photos, videos, audios, multimedia presentations and more.

She has recognized organization skills and for-profit and non-profit management experience.  She is adaptable, comfortable in many cultures and milieus, and enjoys a collaborative working environment.

She is known as “Ulla-Maija” (her Finnish, birth, first name) in the international fashion and wedding couture industry.  She is the founder of the “Ulla-Maija, Inc.” couture company and luxury brand based in New York NY, USA.  She is known as “Ullamaya Ma” in India.


Owner at UMK Creative & Amalam Media
 2010 – Present

UMK Creative is Ulla-Maija’s website design, content consulting, graphic design, multimedia and email marketing entity. Amalam Media is her publishing entity.

Based in Bedford, New York, USA, she is available for collaboration on projects locally and globally.

Currently, Amalam Media is preparing to publish a book about her life experiences sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), who will administer the tax-deductible funding and provide promotional opportunities for the projects.


Executive Director and Music Producer at Society for Universal Sacred Music, Inc.
September 2004 – December 2007 (3 years 4 months)

Society for Universal Sacred Music is a New York non-profit organization which promotes and commissions new sacred music from composers worldwide and presents it in concerts, festivals, music albums and videos. During her tenure she had hands-on involvement in all the affairs of the Society.

•Managed the Society’s expansion in both administrative and artistic areas and managed the annual budget, oversaw all operations and programs and recruited personnel.
•Organized and oversaw the Society’s first two 2-day Festivals of Universal Sacred Music in Manhattan in 2005 (at the Ethical Culture Society) and 2006 (Merkin Concert Hall). Collaborated with a festival producer and staff and with artists and performers to put together festival concerts and programs.
•Executive-produced two 30-minute documentary films of the festivals and the Society’s aim and activities.
•Produced two live-concert albums and one studio album.
•Commissioning Program: Placed program announcements worldwide and organized the work of the judging committee.  Assisted the selected composers in bringing their work to be premiered at the festivals.
•Collaborated with and contracted the work of music directors, composers, performers, venues, festival producers, staff and volunteers, sound people and film crews.
•Supervised offices and the office manager.
•Collaborated with lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, prepared budgets, managed banking and insurances. Set up fund-raising together with a development specialist.
•Designed publicity materials.  Redesigned the website.  Started, designed and wrote e-newsletters.
•Collaborated with PR companies, web designers and graphic designers.
•Reported to the board of directors.

Consultant at Yoga Society of New York, Inc.
2002 – 2004 (2 years)

Ulla-Maija was a full-time student, resident and volunteer at Ananda Ashram, the spiritual and educational center of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc, the 50-year old non-profit organization in Monroe New York. There, she continued her in-depth studies of various Yogic philosophies and practices, which she has been involved in for more than 25 years. She studied Indian classical music with several accomplished masters, including vocal & instrumental studies, history, theory, composition and the Indian notation system.

During her two year residency she contributed to the Ashram in several areas, including:
•As an advisor to the Board of Directors.
•Initiated and collaborated in renovation and design of building interiors.
•Created and implemented a strategic plan for communications in order to make the organization better known, and recruited and managed volunteers for those purposes.
•Initiated a gift shop, merchandised products for the shop and online store, and designed ashram brand name articles.
•Collaborated in formalizing regular music school programs, program planning, organizing concerts and workshops, artist relations, promotion, design, photography and fund-raising.


Designer, Owner, Founder at Kivimaki, Inc.
In 2002, Ulla-Maija started a new company and organized manufacturing of wedding and evening wear in based in Guangdong, China. Please contact for more information.


Designer, Owner, Founder at Ulla-Maija, Inc. & Ulla-Maija Madison Avenue
 1980 – 2000 (20 years)

Ulla-Maija has a long experience in the many areas of international fashion industry. Starting as a fashion model in Lapland, Finland, at age 15, she was soon ‘discovered’​ and started working in Paris, France, at age 17.  She became known as an international top model at age 19, lived in several countries and constantly traveled around the world on assignments for 10 years, while studying fashion design at the same time.

Her familiarity with the world of fashion and her design, entrepreneurial and organizational talents manifested into an internationally known fashion design business and a luxury trademark under her Finnish first birth name. She began the “Ulla-Maija”​ fashion brand in 1980, opened a shop and a couture atelier on Madison Avenue in New York in the mid ’80s and by the ‘90s was well known for her elegant evening and bridal designs for the New York society. She incorporated it as Ulla-Maija, Inc. in 1993 and expanded the bridal design segment of her work to major stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other fine stores nationwide and abroad.

She developed a recognizable design style and became known worldwide for her signature couture wedding designs, which continue to be sought-after today.

In the process of growing a profitable and prestigious wedding couture company, her hands-on responsibilities were many in all areas of the business, including finance, design, marketing, PR, sales and branding. She set up manufacturing in the US and China, fabric and embroidery development in the US, Italy and India. She financed the company personally and with a small bank loan. Much later, she acquired capital investment for the expansion of the business.

Her design work has been featured in countless magazines and she has been interviewed by international publications since the 70’s. ​​View video.

She is the founder and was the owner, president, head designer & creative director of Ulla-Maija, Inc. until 2000. Contact for more information.



Ulla-Maija Kivimäki

Amalam Media Publishing

Bedford, NY, USA


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